Weyburn Pioneer Woman Sculpture

Alice Alicia Alexander (Collins)

Submitted by:  Verna Sweigard, daughter

Alice Alicia Collins was born September 21, 1881 at Bath Ontario.  She came west with her parents to Emerson, Manitoba in 1892.  She married James Alexander on March 29, 1903.  James was from New Orleans, Minnesota, USA, Alicia from Ridgeville, Manitoba, Canada.  They came west on their honeymoon and arrived in Weyburn, April 1, 1903 to start a new life on a homestead, S.E. quarter 14-4-14 W2nd in the Goodwater district, a piece of prairie with a creek running through it.  They bought a shack and moved it onto the land and built on to it as the family grew. They had many hardships and lonely times. 

In 1916 their eldest daughter died of a ruptured appendix, as they couldn’t get her to a doctor soon enough over snow blocked roads.  During a Typhoid epidemic in 1919 they lost two children two days apart from the disease, a son 9 years old and a daughter 14. 

Alice Alicia Alexander nee Collins

Alicia always raised chickens, turkeys and geese and had a large garden, so canned many quarts of meat and vegetables.  She really enjoyed berry picking, so canned lots of fruit and made all kinds of jams.   

In 1927 they built a large fully modern house, but when the dust was blowing in the 30’s some even managed to permeate the windows.   

Alicia had taken a tailoring course before she was married, which was very helpful in clothing their large family of 5 boys and 7 girls.  The youngest of the children were twin girls born when she was 46 years old.   

They moved to Weyburn in 1951 and she continued to garden, knit and crochet until she was 90.   

Her church and spiritual welfare of her children played an important roll in her life.  In the early years church services were held in a country school, later the family drove 8 miles with horse and buggy and later a car, to a little “Free Methodist Mission Church” until they moved to Weyburn.   

Alicia died May 5, 1973, two months after their 70th wedding anniversary. 

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