Weyburn Pioneer Woman Sculpture

The Pioneer Woman Sculpture Committee


Ross McMurtry was the inspiration for the project.

He gathered a committee that selected the artists Studio West, made pleas for support throughout the community and coaxed the project into being.


Committee:  Isabelle Butters, Leo Leydon, Stan Runne, Rev. Ross McMurtry Mayvis Goranson, Jan Linnell

The Pioneer Woman Sculpture project honours the heritage of women settlers.

These women literally gave life to the society we have today but few received recognition for their contributions.

The sculpture, commissioned by a volunteer group of six and supported by many generous donations from individuals, families, organizations and businesses was unveiled on November 8, 2015.

Stories of mothers and grandmothers were submitted as well and this web page provides link to their history and their lives. Their legacy is not carved in buildings or street names but rather their legacy is in the faces of our families, neighbours and friends.

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