Weyburn Pioneer Woman Sculpture

Marjory (Williamson) Becker (1923-

Submitted:  Doris Giroux, Sister 

Our parents John Williamson and Ella Mae Whyte were born in 1886 and came to the Ralph area in the early 1900's. John came from Leeds, England with an older sister and brother wanting to own land. Our mother came from Smith Falls, Ontario with a friend, both school teachers looking for teaching positions.

Our parents were married in December of 1917 and raised a family of six, three boys and three girls. They farmed in the Ralph area and later moved south of Weyburn. Our mother taught school in Grand Bend in 1914 and in 1915 in McTaggart. Marjory, their oldest girl, was born in 1923..

Times were hard back then, but they were young, happy, and in love; they had good friends and neighbours. Our mother's health deteriorated in the late 1930's and she spent time in the General Hospital in Regina passing away in April of 1938.  It was a sad time indeed for this young family.

Marjory was in grade nine and 15 years old.  This was her last year of school as she then stayed home to help Dad. Our Dad was quiet and good-natured, as was Marjory, and they worked well together.

Imagine what an undertaking to plan and cook meals, pack school lunches, wash clothes and keep house for seven. There was no running water, no electricity, and no modern conveniences. She also had to contend with an older brother, three teenagers, and one five year old brother.

When we ask her how she managed she replies, "we always got fed, we never worried, and we were always happy!" She was a true, young pioneer lady.

A number of years passed and we moved into Weyburn. Marjory worked for Wordens Hardware Store and for Simpsons Order Office; Dad worked as a night watchman for Walker Fruit.         

In 1949 Marjory married Bert Becker and moved to a farm at Maxim, Sask. where they raised five sons and one daughter and now have numerous grand and great-grandchildren. They celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary in 2012.

Bert passed away in 2013. Marjory still lives on the farm doing what she has always done and loving farm life.

Marjory, my wonderful sister, is a happy, healthy, 92 year old lady who keeps in touch with family on Facebook.

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