A dedication to the

That Honours the

And brings Hope to the

Pioneer Woman Sculpture in Weyburn

Located at the corner of 5th Street & 1st Avenue NE,
Weyburn, Saskatchewan

Living her Dream

She dreamed she could build a better life
But must have wondered why she ever wanted
to come to this desolate endless space.
Isolation ate away at her starving spirit,
No neighbors, doctor, store or church, those
Dreaded night treks to the chilly outhouse.

The eerie coyote howls echoes across the fields
Striking icy fear into her rigid spine as she
Huddled under a feather tick—waiting for dawn.
At daybreak she rose with renewed resolve,
Coaxed the ever-hungry cook stove back to life.


She scrubbed clothes on the board and gardened
to store up food for the lonely barren winter ahead.
Hands blistered, nails broken and dirt-clogged,
Cheeks leather-brown from scorching sun, her graying
Hair hung limp, ravaged by relentless prairie winds.

Hers was the face of Courage, Patience, Endurance,
All vanity left behind on distant home shore.
Holding her household together with iron will
She drew energy from a cheery Meadow Lark's song,
And watching her healthy carefree children grow.
A Pioneer Woman Carving a Future, Living Her Dream

Jean F. Fahlman  


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