Weyburn Pioneer Woman Sculpture

Lillian Margarite Lockhart nee Caesar

Submitted by Maxine Chipley, granddaughter 

Lillian Mararite Caesar, born May 17, 1881, married Edward George Lockhart, born January 3,1876.They came west to Counsil, NWT later known as Fertile, Saskatchewan.  She came in March 1904 with two small daughters, a two year old and a two month old. Two more daughter were born and two sons.   

The daughters were 8,10 and 12 when there was a consolidated school that  they could attend. They rode in a school van morning and home in the afternoon. That meant school lunches prepared and packed by their Mother Lillian. 

 Lillian was an accomplished seamstress who made the girls dresses, family clothing and quilts. She was also responsible for the knitting of socks, scarves, toques and mitts.

The garden provided meals and surplus was preserved for food for the winter with a coal and wood stove .She was a very good cook.

A widowed Lockhart brother with two small children also came to live close by. Lillian put extra baked treats in lunch boxes for them. 

Lillian wanted to stay at the first farm they moved to since there was a water supply there.   Water had to be hauled which must have been a worry for this pioneer woman.

Mail only came by rail to Fertile twice a week.  

All Lillian's family were in Ontario with letters the only way for sharing news of home.   How alone she must have felt! 

Their oldest son served in World War 11 overseas. That must have been a very hard time for families especially mothers.

Lillian Lockhart died April 1,1955,  Edward Lockhart died  May 26,1958. They are both buried at Weyburn .

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