Weyburn Pioneer Woman Sculpture

Orpha May Mactaggart nee Pringle (1885-1971)

 Orpha May Pringle was born in 1885 in Nobleton, Ontario. She married Archibald Norman Mactaggart on March 1, 1911. The newlyweds boarded the train the next day to come west to start their new life together on a farm at 14-9-15-W2, 2 miles east of McTaggart.

 They had five sons, Murray, Garnet, twins Howard and Herald, and Donald, all of whom were born at home. Their first born died at seven months of age of a severe colic ailment and one of the twins died at four years of age of a ruptured appendix.

 Even though pioneer women's lives involved long hours and hard work, Orpha, along with the ladies of this community, found the time to make and gather articles which they packaged and sent to Canadian soldiers during the 1st World War. These ladies were known as the Women’s Missionary Society.

Orpha May Mactaggart

 Over the years Orpha was a charter member of the West Weyburn Homemakers. She was the pianist at the first meeting on February 19, 1929 and continued to do so for 2twenty-one years. She served four years as president and in Oct. 1965 when she was eighty years old she was made a lifetime member.

 Orpha was the organist at the United Church in McTaggart for many years. She was also a member of the McTaggart UCW and when they moved to Regina the St. Andrews UCW.

Both Archie and Orpha were lifetime members of the Weyburn Agricultural Society and took part along with others in developing the community.

 Orpha died on Aug 25, 1971 in Regina. After her death, her son Howard did considerable research of his mother's family history and found documentation to confirm that she was a descendant of a United Empire Loyalist. Unfortunately she never knew this important fact about her great grandfather.

 Orpha and other pioneer women contributed to the enhancement and development of the community and greatly enriched the lives of their families and others.

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