Weyburn Pioneer Woman Sculpture

Alice Evelyn Metheral nee Evans  1869-1954

Alice married Pasqual (Peck) Metheral in 1890 and came to Weyburn in 1899.  Peck was able to acquired 3 lots. They lived on a farm West of Weyburn from 1901-1905 with the exception of 1903 when they went back East for a year. 

The Methodist congregation of approximately 20 members saw the need for a church so they obtained a lot from Peck and erected a frame building. Alice was very interested in the construction and was a constant visitor at the site commenting how "graceful" it was when completed. So thanks to Alice the name "Grace" was adopted.  

Alice & Peck Metheral

By 1905 the present stone church was built and called the "New Grace Methodist". In 1925 three congregations united the name was now "Grace United Church of Canada". Alice was very active in the church and for 15 years taught the "Young men's Bible Class". 

She was also instigator of getting planks laid down for sidewalks in the shopping area as she didn't appreciate getting her long gowns and fancy shoes muddy. After threatening the city fathers that she and the ladies would do their shopping elsewhere, the wooden sidewalks were soon laid.  

Alice and Peck built a large 2 story house on 31C1 St South (South of Home Hardware). Here she fed many prospective Weyburnites she also had a bed for them when they needed one. They had a servant living upstairs.  

Alice and Peck celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1940, in 1944 they retired to White Rock B.C.


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Alice and her sister Dorothy

Alice on the left, her sister Dorothy on the right.




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