Weyburn Pioneer Woman Sculpture

Sarah Matilda Mitchell   nee (Thompson)  (1875- 1922)

Submitted by Lorna Loftus nee Mitchell, grand daughter 

Matilda Thompson of Wolseley, Saskatchewan met John Alexander Mitchell of Indian Head. The two were married in 1896 at a ceremony performed in Wolseley.

 With this marriage, Matilda became a step mother to John’s son, Jim, born in 1888, in Ontario as his mother Charlotte had died in 1890 in Ontario.

 Matilda’s married life began in Indian Head where she met with many other settlers who had left their former homes to work and live for the famous Bell Farm Company. Four years were spent at the Bell Farm until John took work at the Indian Head Lake of the Woods Milling Company for several years.

 In 1897 while still in Indian Head a son Russell was born. Matilda now had two boys to keep her busy.  In 1899 the Mitchells, with John’s brother, Dr. Robert M. Mitchell, started promoting an exodus of settlers to follow them to homestead in the Weyburn area. In 1900 they made the move and acquired homestead farm land northwest of Weyburn, at that time an almost unoccupied townsite.

  Matilda gave birth to a girl Myrtle in 1901.  Unfortunately she died in 1902.

 That same year Matilda and her family must have felt like royalty when John drove them around in Weyburn’s first motor vehicle, a single cylinder Olds which was later upgraded to a four cylinder Reo.

By 1903, John, who was a self-taught carpenter, built a large home on the southwest corner of Coteau Avenue and 4th Street. Building materials and furniture were brought from Ontario.

Over the years their family grew from Jim and Russell to include Hugh, Elsie, Bessie, Maude, and Alberta. Matilda did not get to enjoy her many grandchildren as she died at the age of 47 from a gall bladder operation. She would have enjoyed the arrival of Maude and Reg Roberts’ triplets: Grace 6 pounds, Gwen 6 pounds, and Gordon 6 3/4 pounds.  They were a first for Weyburn and Saskatchewan.

 I am so sorry I did not know her,

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