Weyburn Pioneer Woman Sculpture

Ross McMurtry

Ross D. McMurtry
November 8, 2015

A Dream Come True

Dreams are the stuff of which reality is fashioned. I had one of those dreams not long ago. It was about the women who came first to this great lone land we call Saskatchewan. Early explorers reported it was not fit for human habitation. 

Nevertheless these women came, some single, most together with their male partners with the hope they would be able to create a new world in which their children and their grandchildren would experience a life better than they had known back home from wherever they came. 

Little did they have any idea of the courage and the sacrifice it would take for their dream to come true. I have heard their stories personally that involved adversity - heartbreak - isolation and loss mixed with not a little joy and satisfaction.

Despite all their problems they experienced, they came and gave of their best and their all, so that we who came after them could be benefactors of their dream - their love - their tears and their toil.

Thinking about my dream some time later I got to wondering about what we could do to express our thanks for "the legacy of hope" they left buried in the prairie soil - the same soil that has served us well in life ever since and will one day cradle us in its embrace come the day when it's our time to die. 

But how? …..Got it! A statue that would prolong their lives in our memory and in some small way pay the debt we owe those women for our good fortune. 

Well dear friends - here it is. A dream come true fashioned in bronze with love by sculptors Don & Shirley Begg    A dream which when I shared it with a few friends - they agreed to form a committee and do what needed to be done to have this beautiful "work of art" grace our city for decades and decades to come. 

Others when they heard of our dream said: "Go for it and we will help you." And they did. Individuals - families - organizations - businesses - municipalities and the city of Weyburn. 

I have always been impressed by the way this community, when the call was sounded for help with a worthy project- have rolled up their sleeves - dug down deep in their pockets and put their shoulders to the wheel - never giving up until the job was done. 

Maybe that has something to do with what the late mayor Tom Laing once said, and what is inscribed on his tombstone: "There is no limit to what a man can accomplish if he doesn't mind who gets the credit." 

No one who helped in any way make this statue possible did so for any credit you might receive. I know you've done it out of the goodness of your heart when you thought of these pioneer women and what we owe them - a debt that can be paid only with our love - our appreciation - our admiration - our generosity and our thanksgiving. 

Weyburn --  you've done it again! Congratulations! And Thank You - Thank You one and all! 





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