Weyburn Pioneer Woman Sculpture

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Alexander, Alice Alicia (Collins) submitted by Verna Sweigard Alexander
Baillie, Margaret Isabella Thompson submitted by Gladys Paulhus  Baillie
Baller, Otillie (Henning) submitted by Lillian Bennett & Marjorie Sawyer Baller
Becker, Marjorie Williamson submitted by Doris Giroux Becker
Benning, Clara Catherine (MacLean) submitted by Vera Anderson Benning
Boyle, Mossie I (Kitson) written by Mossie Boyle in 1973 Boyle
Brock, Leah (Porter) Submitted by Audrey Nerbas Brock
Burnett, Susannah Weir submitted by Susanna Heaman & Margaret Sheir Burnett
Dixon, Francis submitted by Yvonne (Severson-Beckett) Gould Dixon
Ehlert, Mary (Hoeving) by Vera Wodzinski Ehlert
Emde, Bertha Marie (Figge) submitted by Margaret Peterson Emde
Flaaten, Annie Boletta (Barsness) submitted by Gladys Flaaten Flaaten, Annie
Flaten, Svea submitted by Delbert Flaten Flaten
Frisby, Mary (Dick) submitted by Mary Lynn Rederburg (Frisby) Frisby
Goranson, Johanna nee Langhout submitted by Don & Ollie Goranson Goranson
Hoeving, Mary Schwegal submitted by Vera Wodzinski Hoeving
Jones Helena Unger Jones
Krueger, Caroline (Rieps) submitted by Jean Fahlman Krueger
Krumenacker, Susanna (Yung) submitted by Donna Loos Krumenacker
Ledingham, Mary (Boyle) submitted by Lois Campbell Ledingham
Lockhart, Lillian Margarite (Caesar) submitted by Maxine Chipley Lockhart
Mactaggart, Orpha May (Pringle) Mactaggart
Marstead, Inga Mathilda (Kampesather) by Ruth Prost and Alice McNaughton Marstead
Mazur, Katharina (Gerle) submitted by Eva Harris Mazur
McMurtry, Ethel Jane nee Douglas submitted by Doug McMurtry McMurtry
Metheral, Alice (Evans)  submitted by Ron & Tory Metheral Metheral-Alice
Metheral, Mary Barbara (Killian) submitted by Ron & Troy Metheral Metheral-Mary
Miller, Eva (Thomas) submitted by Janice Vilcu Miller
Mitchell, Sarah Matilda (Thompson) submitted by Lorna Loftus Mitchell
Myers, Ann (Maryasz) nee Jurecko Myers
Nikolejsin Caroline (Carrie) Nikolejsin
Peterson, Caroline submitted by Margaret Peterson Peterson
Porte, Claudine (Serre) submitted by Francois and Eveline Porte Porte
Pulfer, Fanny submitted by Jan Linnell Pulfer
Purdon, Sarah (Proven) submitted by Maxine Chipley Purdon
Sidloski, Maria (Frankow) submitted by Tory Metheral Sidloski
Soderberg, Augusta submitted by Delbert Flaten Soderberg
Spence, Emma Maude (Carr) submitted by Arvilla Carleton, Rea Pederson & Edith Bernard Spence
Surring, Olive Pearl (Watson) submitted by Iris Johnson & Pearl O. Surring Surring-Pearl
Surring, Ethel Grace (Ward) submitted by Iris Surring & Sylvia Surring Birnie Surring-Ethel
Van de Sype, Felicie (Schepens) submitted by Mel Van de Sype Van-de-Sype
Wallace, Rebecca Will submitted by Arthur Wallace Wallace
Watson, Ada OLIVE (Tatton) submitted by Pearl Surring and Iris E. Johnson Watson
Whitehead, Sarah (Adamson) submitted by Kay Molder Whitehead





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