Weyburn Pioneer Woman Sculpture

Felicie Van de Sype nee Schepens    Felicie Van de Sijpe

Submitted by Mel Van de Sype, Grandson 

Felicie Van de Sype was the daughter Archile Schepens and Hermanie De Vos.  She was born in 1866 at Scheldewindeke, East Flanders, Belgium.

 She married Victor Xavier Van de Sype in 1899 in the Catholic Community of Makegem Parish in East Flanders. In her earlier married years, she and her husband resided in Ghent, Belgium. Four sons were born in  Ghent:  Joseph, who later became Weyburn Fire Chief, Germain, Remie and Raymond who farmed in the Radville community.


Felicie Van de Sype

 In 1906, Victor Xavier immigrated to Canada leaving his family in Belgium, until the homestead was developed. He returned to Belgium in 1909 to bring his family to Canada. His first home was a sod home built where the now Connections Club (Travelodge) is located. The family then migrated to the homestead west of Radville.

 Two daughters were born in Canada: Anna and Alma.

Felicie never experienced seeing her grandchildren except for one granddaughter Mary Agnes, the eldest child of Joseph and Sadie Van de Sype. It is our understanding that our grandmother never experienced knowing the English language and never had the opportunity to return to her homeland. 

 We the Van de Sypes of today, never experienced her touch but Grandma we all love you and thank you for your many burdens and sufferings you experienced to get us here. 

Felicie Van de Sijpe (Schepens) passed away in 1931 and was buried in Laurier Cemetery, Radville. 


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